Ironbark Development Services manages the delivery of night patrol services to Acacia Larrakia, Batchelor, Belyuen and Mutijulu communities on behalf of the Australian Government’s Prime Minister & Cabinet Department. Our night patrols core function is to establish, maintain, support and encourage community safety.  We assist people at risk of either causing or becoming the victims of harm in order to break the cycle of violence and crime in communities.The night patrol approach is based on non-coercive intervention strategies to prevent and control anti-social and destructive behaviours through the promotion of culturally appropriate processes around conflict resolution and contemporary law enforcement measures.

The activities undertaken by a night patrol service include:

  • An accessible, appropriate and acceptable service for people and the community:
  • Diffusing violent situations:
  • Diverting intoxicated people away from contact with the criminal justice system and providing advice:
  • Intervention, follow up and referral services:
  • An outreach referral service to provide individual, family and group support (listening, mediation, talking and understanding) and agency referral as appropriate:
  • Working with the community and its members:
  • Assessment, intervention and facilitated entry into health service, accommodation and other services for individuals:
  • Transportation to safe environment (eg relative’s home, recognised safe house, woman’s refuge, hospital or other medical facility): and
  • Intervention with intoxicated clients to manage the related behaviours through communication and conflict resolution skills.

Night Patrol Services became operational in the second half of 2008.  These original services continue to operate at Belyuen, Acacia & Batchelor.  At the request of the Prime Minister & Cabinet Department, Ironbark took over the operation of the Mutijulu Night Patrol from 17 April 2012.