Mook Mook is firmly committed to the Guiding Principles outlined in the “Night Patrol Services in the Northern Territory – Operational Framework, February 2014”, these being:

  • Culturally appropriate assistance to Indigenous people at risk of either causing harm or being harmed, including intoxicated people, substance abusers, young people, victims of violence and the homeless; and
  • All individuals have the right to be safe in the community; and
  • The community has a responsibility to work towards the prevention of anti-social, destructive and illegal behaviours; and
  • Promoting the service provided and enhanced access to social, health and community services; and
  • Community night patrol services will attend to the task of ensuring children are at home or in another safe location with a parent or carer as their first priority; and
  • Community night patrol services may prioritise a response to an incident which does not relate to ensuring children are at home when the incident presents an immediate and serious threat to the wellbeing of an individual.

As such Mook Mook Aboriginal Corporation in partnership with our communities will strive to achieve community peace, security and safety through a range of strategies outlined in this plan.