Acacia Hills  is located 70 kilometres from Darwin and 40 kilometres from Batchelor.  It is a small community with an estimated population of 80 residents.  The close proximity to Darwin results in some residents spending lengthy periods away from the community.

Although located close to Darwin there are no transport options for residents apart from use of private vehicles.

Employment opportunities are limited within the community.  There is still a current RJCP program managed by DRIACDEP

There is no permanent police presence in Acacia Hills.  The community is serviced by the Batchelor Police Station.

Other service providers operating in Acacia are Ironbark Employment, TEAM Health, Amity, Catholic Care, Danila Dilba Health Service, Yilli Reung Housing and DRIACDEP (RJCP)

Mook Mook Aboriginal Corporation has established a permanent office at Acacia.