The Belyuen community is located on the eastern side of Cox Peninsula, approximately 15km south of the Wagait Shire bordering the Darwin Harbour. It is 128 km by road from Darwin. Alternatively a ferry trip from Darwin to Wagait takes approximately 15 minutes and leaves at regular times daily. Established in the early 1940s, ABS data 2009 indicates it is home to around 190 Aboriginal people from five key family groups.

Although the community has year-round access and is geographically close to Darwin, the low rate of vehicle ownership within the community and the considerable distance by road to the city creates issues of social isolation for the wider population and presents problems for those wishing to access employment opportunities outside of the immediate community.

In recent times, widespread unemployment and substance abuse have fuelled underlying tensions between family groups, and made violence and social unrest commonplace.

Employment opportunities are limited within the community. There is still a current Remote Jobs and Communities (RJCP) program managed by Darwin Regional Indigenous Advancement and CDEP (DRIACDEP).

Up to September 2016 over 31,000 cases of assistance to community members have occurred.

There is no permanent police presence in Belyuen the community is serviced by the Humpty Doo Police Station during office hours which is located over 100 kilometres from Belyuen. Outside office hours calls are diverted to police headquarters at Berrimah.

Other service providers operating in Belyuen are Ironbark Employment, TEAM Health, Amity Community Service, Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation (RJCP), FORWAARD, DHF Health Centre, Yilli Reung Housing and Catholic Care.

Mook Mook Aboriginal Corporation has established a permanent office at Belyuen, which is staffed five days a week.